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Max Goes To School

"Max Goes To School" is a delightful children's book about a typical school day for our hero, Max, and the simple pleasures he derives from doing some of his favourite things in the course of his day. The book recounts some true stories which happened and features the names of some of Max's closest friends.

"Max Goes to School" is a book inspired by my nephew, Max Lechner (11) , a wonderfully lively and bubbly character who tragically didn't survive complications of an acute illness at the end of December 2011.

Sitting on the aeroplane returning from his funeral, I felt an overwhelming and powerful sense around me that propelled me to do something tangible to keep the spirit and essence of Max alive and to share it with other people. It was from this single thought that the first seeds of creating a children's picture book about Max started to grow.

Max touched the lives of so many people not only because he was so full of life and funny but he was also a caring wee chap especially if anyone around him was hurt or sad.

The profits from the book will go to four different children's charities therefore not only will his spirit live on, but it will be the book that keeps on giving.

Aunty Nucky 2013

"A heartwarming tale of a very special little boy"

Nikki Gemmell - author of several books and columnist on The Australian.

"The wee man leapt from the pages straight back into my living room. What joy that brings me."

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"You will fall in love with Max, a child who will, without fail, make you smile, and a personality you will never forget."

Darcey Bussell - one of the greatest English ballerinas of all time, 20 years at the top of her profession; a starring role in the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony; an acclaimed role as a judge on the Saturday night favourite; 'Strictly Come Dancing', author of the very popular 'The Magic Ballerina' children's book series and patron of many dance related organisations.

Some of you may be wondering did Max ever meet Darcey?

The short answer is no but, if he had, he would have wasted no time in telling her how he thought she was very beautiful and would she like to be his friend?!

The author got to know Darcey and her delightful family through mutual friends while they were living in Sydney between 2008 - 2012. As chance would have it, Darcey was on the same flight to London as Max's uncle who happened to have a copy of "Max Goes To School" while Darcey had a copy of her book "Darcey Bussell, A Life in Pictures" so they swapped books. After reading "Max Goes To School" and, understanding the essence of Max, Darcey kindly wrote the above quote. Max would have been especially proud and chuffed to have counted Darcey as one of his friends but maybe less chuffed with the association with ballet!


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"The book is funny, itís clever and itís a great story that will appeal to all children."

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